“Excellent role model as a psychiatrist and teacher; gave very helpful constructive feedback after watching me interview a patient; really took the time to teach me and answer any questions I had. Definitely one of the best teachers I have had.”

“Dr. Gupta was an amazing teacher, both in the realm of psychiatry and healthcare for the homeless population. As far as the way he allowed me to interview patients, it was probably the best interviewing experiences I’ve ever had with an attending.” 

“Dr. Gupta’s expertise was invaluable and inspiring. His feedback was constructive and very helpful. He also allowed plenty of time for questions. He explained things thoroughly and clearly. One of the best experiences I’ve had in medical school.”

“Dr. Gupta was more helpful in a 90 minute session than the combined 6 months of therapy I’d experienced before.”

“I saw Dr. Gupta for a year and a half or so. I went to him and was going through severe anxiety. I was on a tremendous amount of meds (overmedicated), and he helped to get me off of them. I am now doing great.”

“Dr. Gupta is remarkable at his trade. His demeanor is consistently even. He truly allows you to work through each session however you’d like, and provides you with simple helpful tools over time. Dr. Gupta is open to communication and questioning. It is evident he cares about what he does and truly is invested in the growth of his patients. He’s a cool, easygoing person too!”

“Really excellent, both his approach to medication and the talk therapy sessions I have done with him have been extremely helpful.”

“Dr. Gupta called me right after I made my appointment to confirm and get a bit of info, which I thought was cool. In my appointment, he was thorough, respectful, and extremely easy to talk to. When we discussed the possibility of a new Rx for me (one that might have positive side-effects for me, a UC/Crohn’s patient that I didn’t know about) he got all my GI doctors’ names, plus the name of my former psychiatrist in Chicago, as I’ve recently moved to NYC. I’ve seen a lot of doctors in my life; this sort of thoroughness is not necessarily the standard. He gets high marks from me (and more appointments.)”

“Dr. Gupta has been fantastic. He is an amazing clinician and honestly helped me through a tough period in my life. I highly recommend him as a provider and cannot emphasize enough how helpful he has been.”